Northern Territory Casinos

Gambling laws are very strict in Australia. Although land based casinos are legal, online gambling is illegal for people living in Australia. However, State laws in the Northern Territory in Australia allow the licensing of online casinos, lotteries, sportsbooks and racebooks.

In the Northern Territory, you are not required to pay licensing fees to get an online gambling license. The license is usually valid for five years after which you must renew it. An initial audit is done before you are granted the online license. After that, you are subjected to continuous audit over the license period.

When you get an online gambling license, you are not allowed to let people living in Australia including non-Aussies to gamble in your website. However, people living outside Australia including Aussies can gamble in your site.

Gambling is one thing Australians love to do. So if you are an Aussie living away from home, these strict laws should not dampen your spirits. You can visit one of the leading online casino website in the Northern Territory and enjoy Australian online pokies. You will be able to enjoy the Aussies culture while you proceed with your business way from home. The laws are just aimed at protecting Aussies from irresponsible gambling.

The pokies in Australia are simply slot machines in other parts of the world. They offer the same features as the land based slots. So as you play the virtual slot machine in the online casino you feel at home. To win in online pokies game, you will mainly depend on sheer luck. You will also need to read on some tips and rules of the game.

Most online casinos in the Northern state also offer sport betting games. You can make your bets online and win fabulous prices wherever you may be on the globe.